Grant Requests

Grant Requests


Mountain Forum for Peace (MFP) Application Guidelines

MFP Mission: Our purpose is to learn how to bring peace into our personal lives, to support others in striving to live a life of non-violence, and to encourage awareness of the many diverse ways of living.

Does the request fit all of the following criteria?

  • Does the grant align with the MFP mission?
  • Are the goals clear, observable and measurable?
  • Is the action suggested by the goal viable/achievable?
  • Do the qualifications of the applicants match the work?*
  • Is the potential impact rise to the level of award?

Requirements of the Grant recipient:

  • To cite support of MFP as appropriate
  • To use grant funds only for the purpose requested
  • To submit a grant evaluation for within 30 days of completion of the project
  • To contribute to MFP public outreach efforts in a forum or other manner to be determined

How to apply:
Grants should be submitted to See PDF application below.

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